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The Business Group Blog was created to share and discuss information about challenges and solutions to the health care benefits issues that large employers face today and tomorrow — such as controlling health care costs, reforming the health care delivery system, and engaging employees in their health and benefits — and will provide insight into national health policy issues. We hope you find this information useful and will consider subscribing to the blog and sharing any thoughts or ideas with us at

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1. The Future of Delivery Care Reform, According to Large Employers

While growth in accountable care organizations has remained steady, employers are now turning their delivery reform efforts to two specialties: primary care and mental health. Employers are also expanding centers of excellence (COE) networks to address more conditions.

Tags: payment & delivery reform, cost control, health care costs
2. Health Care in 2030: What Might the Future Have in Store?

Some trends in health care transformation are already making their mark on the industry, including the migration towards value, competitive pressures driving efficiency, as well as the digital evolution opening the door to new entrants. How will this transformation impact the very fundamentals of health care economics?

Tags: value-based purchasing, State and Local Governments, payment & delivery reform
3. BHA's DC Insider: HHS Secretary Azar speaks on Washington's Health Care Priorities

Are we at the tipping point? Given the imperative for health care transformation and policies that go beyond coverage reshuffling and cost shifting, challenging the fundamental issues in health care and making it more affordable for all, will the industry transform itself? Will government play a leading role and cut through bureaucratic and political obstacles to real health reform?

Tags: payment & delivery reform, Rx, cost control
4. Industry Innovators Changing the DNA of Health Care

“Hospitals of the future won’t look the same,” claims Business Health Agenda 2019 keynote speaker Dr. Stephen Klasko, CEO of Jefferson Health and President of Thomas Jefferson University. When thinking about the “tipping point” as it relates to health care transformation, we need to consider the degree to which clinicians can implement new methodologies and truly integrate personalized medicine with the many other aspects of health we’ve come to prioritize.

Tags: payment & delivery reform, consumerism, consumer decision support
5. 5 Key Insights from Benefit Leaders

As we do every year, the National Business Group on Health held its Employers' Summit on Health Care Costs and Solutions in January. The summit provides a forum for close to 100 benefits leaders to come together early in the health care planning cycle to reflect on last year’s initiatives, discuss strategy for 2017 and begin to plan for 2018 and beyond. It’s an opportunity to share ideas, to network and learn from peers, and to leverage best practices that employers can implement back in the office. 

Tags: health care costs, engagement, specialty pharmacy, ACA, payment & delivery reform, public policy
6. Six Things to Watch in 2017

President and CEO of National Business Group on Health, Brian Marcotte, has created a list of six things to watch in 2017. It will be a year of uncertainty, opportunity and change. Will ACA be repealed and replaced? Will the move to value-based payments lose momentum? What will be the fate of proposed health plan mergers? Will pharmacy pricing remain in the spotlight?  Will consumer engagement remain a top concern for employers? What about the well-workforce?

Tags: well-being, ACA, payment & delivery reform, mergers, Rx, engagement, consumerism, productivity
7. Moving From Volume to Value in Maternity Care

You can help the Business Group by supporting The Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN), an initiative launched by the Department of Health and Human Services in 2015 to align stakeholders across sectors in moving payment from traditional fee-for-service (FFS) methods to ones linked to quality and alternative payment models (APMs). The LAN’s next initiative will focus on providing support and resources to drive improvement in maternity care outcomes via episode payments.

Tags: payment & delivery reform, alternative payment models, health care costs, plan design
8. Moving from Volume to Value--Introducing the LAN

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) launched the Health Care Payment and Learning and Action Network (LAN) in 2015 to align stakeholders across sectors in moving payment from traditional fee-for-service (FFS) methods to one linked to quality via alternative payment models (APMs). The LAN is an unprecedented collaboration of stakeholders from the private, public, and non-profit sectors whose goal is to transform the nation’s health system by supporting health care value over volume. 

Tags: payment & delivery reform, cost control, health care costs, alternative payment models

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