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World Mental Health Day is October 10

World Mental Health Day

October 10 is World Mental Health Day and this year’s theme is Mental Health in the Workplace. Each year, employers use this health observance to raise awareness about mental health issues, educate employees about available benefits and resources, as well as initiate conversations about important topics like mental health stigma. Is your company celebrating Mental Health Day? If so, the Business Group would love to hear and see pictures of your activities. Simply send an email to to show off your hard work.

If your company is still looking for inspiration on how to raise awareness about mental health, or integrate programs and initiatives into your organization’s practices and culture, here are some ideas shared at the Business Group’s recent Workforce Strategy conference:

  • Several health care companies have initiated “Code Lavender” within their workplaces. A Code Lavender is called when an employee is emotionally taxed by high stress or a traumatic event. Although companies approach Code Lavender differently, in general, the employee requiring assistance is provided with social and emotional support, as well as connected with available resources.
  • One Business Group member with a large call center population is building resilience training into its onboarding practice, ensuring that new employees have an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to survive and even thrive under high stress conditions.
  • A leading financial services firm is enabling access to mental health counseling by charging employees just $1 for an on-site counseling session. That dollar is used to buy a counseling session for an underprivileged youth in a nearby community.
  • Knowing that good mental health is also about cultivating positive emotions, a hospitality company has created a manager toolkit with low to no cost activities that can spread happiness among employees.

Members, for more ideas on improving the mental and emotional health of your employees, see the resources below.