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Workforce Strategy Attendees Head Home with a Competitive Edge

Throughout Workforce Strategy, attendees shared experiences, strategies and secrets to tackle some of today’s toughest employer challenges.

This morning, we learned about three emerging solutions—Wellthy, b.well and Vivante Health—and got the inside scoop from employers who have piloted SleepCharge, Cleo and Ginger. It’s innovations like these that are significantly changing the landscape of well-being benefits and the employee experience.

Then we continued a conversation started at last year’s conference when product development experts took the stage to describe the current and future capabilities of engagement platforms. This morning, it was employers’ turn in the spotlight. AT&T, Eaton Corporation, Micron and Stanford Children’s Health discussed how they leverage engagement platforms and shared their inside perspectives on what works well and where they’d like to see the technology next.

Among other benefits like personalization, predictive analytics, increased engagement, improved employee experience and data integration, the employer panelists described how these platforms have actually humanize the experience.

“This has changed the way we treat and talk to each other” – Chelsea Brown from Micron

In closing, Pat Milligan, Senior Partner and Global Leader with Mercer’s When Women Thrive, urged the audience to bridge the gender gap in health and wealth, with tangible solutions and best practices.

She gave the audience a big takeaway: Until you integrate health, family care and financial security, you will never achieve gender equality at the top of your organizations. Most large employers are outstanding at talent acquisition; however, the lack of benefits integration (and also the availability gender-specific benefits) related to holistic well-being for female employees and their families cause women to leave in the middle of their careers. She went on to describe practices that accelerate gender equality, such as having leadership talk about their gender and diversity experiences, engaging men in the conversation, using data to inform benefits design, integrating health and financial well-being and offering benefits women need.


Workforce Strategy 2019 was bright with new ideas and a passionate community. Mark your calendars for next year’s conference in Nashville “Music City USA” from October 5-7, 2020.