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What Working Parents Want from Their Employers

New Moms Leaving the WorkforceAccording to a recent survey from Ovia Health featured in NBGH’s recently-released Parent Package, nearly one out of three women working for large employers do not return to their jobs after having a baby. Of that 28 percent of new moms, nine percent go on to work for a new employer.

The numbers don’t stop there – only 65 percent of women working at companies with more than 1,000 employees say they feel supported in balancing both their work and family lives.

The good news is there are solutions, some of which forward-thinking companies are already implementing in order to attract and retain top talent in the workforce. Additionally, based on Ovia’s survey results, working mothers already have a good sense of the benefits they want:

What Working Moms Want vs. What They Have

It’s not only birth mothers that need and want these benefits; all parents — including single moms, dads, and birth, adoptive and foster parents alike — benefit when their organization is supportive of work-life harmony.

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