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What Women Want-at Work

Women want workplace flexibility

In our modern world, flexibility is the freedom to thrive in and out of the office, and it’s what women want. Today’s top talent is attracted to forward-thinking, flexible, and family-friendly workplaces. 

After decades of growth, women’s participation in the U.S. workforce has been declining.  In 1990, the United States had the sixth highest female workforce participation rate of 24 OECD economies. By 2014, it dropped to 22nd.1 Research indicates the lack of family-friendly policies accounted for approximately 28% of the relative decline.2

According to Gallup’s Women in America: Work and Life Well-Lived report, 46% of female employees say flextime is the most important benefit a company can offer its workers, and 44% of female employees would leave their current job for one that allowed them to work off-site part time.

Many employers recognize the value of workplace flexibilities and have begun to adopt practices that maximize employee well-being and organizational performance. Nearly nine in ten (86%) of employers that participated in the Business Group’s recent Employee Perks survey offer flexible scheduling and more than half offer telework. In addition, financial assistance (79%), elder care supports (67%), paid time off for volunteering (59%), and paid parental leave (49%) were among the most prevalent work-life balance supports. To learn more current trends in a variety of employer supports from tuition reimbursement to commuter benefits to onsite child care centers, read the National Business Group on Health’s Employee Perks survey report.

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