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1. Increase Program Success by Building Positive Vendor Relationships

All employers trying to build robust health and well-being programs struggle with finding and nurturing vendor relationships that fit within their company’s culture and achieve their programs’ goals. Finding the right partner for your organization can be challenging, but it also can be rewarding and can play a vital role in the outcome of your programs. A recent NBGH survey of large employers from seven different industries yields the following tips for developing and maintaining successful vendor relationships.

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2. Selecting Vendor Partners in the CDHP Era

Large employers have more potential partners than ever to choose from to connect employees to high-value care. The Business Group’s Marketplace identifies dozens of vendors that provide second-opinion services, transparency tools, medical decision-support programs, disease management and several other condition-specific programs. Dozens more exist and startups looking to partner with large employers are being created regularly. 

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