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The Impact of Technology on Health Care: What's in Store for Large Employers?

We’ve all heard about artificial intelligence and how it’s going to change the way we interact and perceive the world around us. The health care industry is no exception. At our upcoming Business Health Agenda conference, we will explore whether AI innovation, fueling new uses of data, could create a tipping point in health care.

AI has already made an impact through predictive analytics and its potential to produce more timely clinical diagnoses and operations. Employers are beginning to look at how it might be able to improve care delivery and employee engagement, with over 40% believing it will impact how care is delivered in the future:

How will these advances continue to play out within the industry? We’re already seeing the potential of mega data to improve personal heath being realized. Google is using deep-learning diagnostic tools to serve provider shortage areas across the world. Cloud-based technologies are becoming a larger factor in radiology, with vendors relying on it to enhance medical imaging research. Big data, analytics, and artificial intelligence are all a source of optimism and consternation among employers. But how should these technologies be applied to their existing health benefits strategy?

Join us at Business Health Agenda 2019 to explore solutions as we attempt to answer this question.  During a featured plenary session, Rajeev Ronanki, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of Anthem’s Information Technology (IT) Division and Chris Colburn, Chief Experience Officer and Director of Innovation at Lippincott will discuss the consumer of the future and the technology that will empower them. With more research and news coverage about the potential for machine learning and blockchain technology in transforming health care, BHA attendees can expect to learn how these innovations can meet the needs of their employees.

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