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Tax Time is The Perfect Time to Communicate Financial Benefits to Employees

Financial Benefits Communication


Tax season is here and there’s no better time – or excuse – for your company to communicate with employees about the financial benefits and services available to them. Whether your company offers tax preparation, a generous 401k matching program, a student loan repayment benefit, or workshops on budgeting or financial planning, be sure to discuss the resources you offer, the advantages of engaging with them, as well as where employees can learn more. And when possible, share stories or testimonials about how your organization’s financial programs have benefited fellow employees; doing so can help humanize this often intimidating topic.

As you talk to employees about financial benefits, don’t forget to leverage wellness champions who can serve as a key communication channel. These trusted and influential figures may also play a role in helping employees find the courage to engage with these important, yet underutilized benefits. According to Mercer, financial courage (the confidence people need to address their personal finances) is a necessary ingredient to achieving financial wellbeing, yet is often lacking among employees.

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