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Powerful Female Leaders Headline Workforce Strategy

Two fierce women will light up the stage at Workforce Strategy 2019: Dr. Kyra Bobinet and Alexandra Drane. Both are known for challenging the status quo and transforming organizational cultures, and like the title of Kyra’s session—they are badass.

Brain Science & Design Thinking with Dr. Kyra Bobinet

Dr. Kyra Bobinet, CEO and founder of engagedIN, is known for bringing together behavioral change and design thinking to decipher complicated concepts into useful insights. “When you tell someone they must hit a goal, such as losing a certain amount of weight by a certain date, you are setting them up to fail,” Dr. Bobinet explains. Instead, she urges employers to focus on iteration when designing well-being programs. An iterative approach encourages employees to tweak habits and try multiple tactics.

Overcoming “Life Sucks Disease” with Alexandra Drane

Alexandra Drane, Co-founder and Chair of Rebel Health and Archangels, bravely started the conversation about “unmentionables”, those things in life that cause shame and stress like our finances, strained relationships and the heavy burden of caregiving. Alexandra believes the definition of health needs to be expanded to include life. Long-term stress contributes to difficulty managing emotions, fatigue, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other negative effects on one’s physical health and emotional well-being. Well-intentioned messages about prevention, screenings and healthy behaviors are lost among those who are suffering from what Alexandra calls “life sucks disease”. We must start listening to employees and offer well-being solutions that address the real-world problems they’re experiencing right now.

At Workforce Strategy 2019, Kyra Bobinet, Alexandra Drane and our roster of bright, diverse speakers will explore novel approaches to well-being and make the case for developing corporate benefits that put people first. Register today to join us in San Diego September 17-19 for Workforce Strategy 2019.