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Personalizing Communications to Improve Employee Engagement

Today’s consumers have come to expect and demand increased personalization in their shopping experience, leading to greater sales, repeat visits and increased customer loyalty. Employers can take the same approach to using data and technology to personalize health and well-being communications in an effort improve the employee experience and increase engagement.


Personalized Communications for increased engagement


Employers can leverage the following process to create personalized messages:



Identify the top health risks among your employees and the conditions you are trying to address. Assess the demographic make-up of your population and determine how employees prefer to receive and access information (i.e., print, web, text).


Leverage existing data sources to segment your workforce into ‘personas’. Then, build a storyboard for each persona including desired behaviors and success measures. Begin drafting messages that will promote health improvement action steps for each persona.


Test draft messages with a small group of employees and make changes based on their feedback. Meanwhile, develop a plan for delivering personalized messages to your broader workforce through appropriate mediums (i.e., portals, email, text) based on employees’ communications preferences. Don’t forget to build in feedback mechanisms, such as “was this message helpful?” or “rate this page” surveys.


Review the results of employee feedback and assess whether employees engaged in desired actions or changed certain health behaviors. Use results of your analysis to refine the process and repeat the cycle.


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