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Navigating Rising Health Care Costs in the New Year

Health care costs are rising, and the new year will undoubtedly bring new challenges and more transformations. How do employers stay ahead of changes and keep costs low for our employees?

The Business Group’s Large Employers’ Health Care Strategy and Plan Design Survey surveyed 170 large employers with a combined coverage of 19 million lives. Key findings covered how respondents were shifting their health care strategies and how they viewed the overall role of the employer. Results indicated the top initiatives employers want to implement in 2019:

By downloading the full survey results, you can gain valuable insights and diverse perspectives from fellow large employers who are preparing to navigate the transformations the upcoming year will bring.

You take an even deeper look and explore how fellow employers are reducing their health care costs by making your plans to attend the 2019 Employers’ Summit on Health Care Costs & Solutions.  Get a better understanding of the survey results and kick off 2019 with a head start on your professional goals and new ideas for keeping health care costs low by registering today.