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1. Rising Pharmacy Prices Spur Concern Among Large Employers

As the price of specialty drugs continues to rise at breathtaking speed, new therapies coming to market are even more expensive: Some have price tags exceeding $2 million per treatment. Large employers are increasingly worried about the sustainability of their pharmacy benefit.

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2. It's Time to Talk About Mental Health

Would you rather call in sick or disclose a mental health issue to your boss? For many, the stigma and bias associated with mental illness is the greatest barrier to treatment, but we can make that change. According to the 2019 Business Group/Optum Well-being Survey, one in four employees want more mental health supports from their employer.

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3. Prepping for PrEP: What a New "A" Rating for Truvada Means for Employers

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) issued an “A” recommendation for the use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention, as well as HIV screening for individuals at risk for contracting HIV and all pregnant women. USPSTF “A” recommendations are the gold standard for evidence review for preventive health care services; this will expand access for your employees to valuable health care services and increase plan costs.

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4. Is Immunotherapy the Next Big Wave in Cancer Treatment?

In recent years, major breakthrough cancer therapies have entered onto the oncology stage, namely actors in immunotherapy that have shown extraordinary promise. These new agents differ from conventional treatments in that they selectively target aspects of the immune system to optimize the innate response to invading cancer cells.

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5. Reject Anticompetitive "Quick Fixes" that Would Further Harm the System

As a follow up to our release of “Policy Recommendations to Promote Sustainable, Affordable Pricing for Specialty Pharmaceuticals,” in which we focused on policy recommendations we think the government should examine, this blog post focuses on policies we think are ill-advised.  These policies may include specialty drug price caps, out-of-pocket payment caps, limitations on utilization management tools and mandated disclosure of proprietary information.

Tags: public policy, Rx, specialty pharmacy
6. 5 Key Insights from Benefit Leaders

As we do every year, the National Business Group on Health held its Employers' Summit on Health Care Costs and Solutions in January. The summit provides a forum for close to 100 benefits leaders to come together early in the health care planning cycle to reflect on last year’s initiatives, discuss strategy for 2017 and begin to plan for 2018 and beyond. It’s an opportunity to share ideas, to network and learn from peers, and to leverage best practices that employers can implement back in the office. 

Tags: health care costs, engagement, specialty pharmacy, ACA, payment & delivery reform, public policy
7. Recommendations to Promote Sustainable, Affordable Pricing for Specialty Pharmaceuticals

The Business Group is pleased to roll out a Public Policy Issue Brief that offers public policy recommendations to create a more favorable environment for financial sustainability and affordability of specialty medications. At the outset, understanding the challenge is important.  With specialty drug expenditures trending at an all-time high and all indicators pointing to sustained increases over time, employers are strategizing on how best to manage growing pharmacy expenditures for this subset of drugs. 

Tags: public policy, specialty pharmacy, Rx, cost control, health care costs
8. 5 Ways to Revamp Your Health Care Strategy

Each January, more than 100 human resources and benefits professionals come together for our annual Employers’ Summit on Health Care Costs and Solutions. The best practices and cutting-edge ideas brought forward at this event continue to show that innovation in health improvement and health care management in this country is driven largely by employers.

Tags: ACO, cost control, engagement, specialty pharmacy
9. Tips from the Specialty Pharmacy Management Checklist

Are you struggling with managing specialty pharmacy in plan design? Our new Specialty Pharmacy Management Checklist provides detailed tips for staying ahead of the curve – from utilization management to reporting and accountability to employee education.

Here are some tips from the checklist:

Tags: specialty pharmacy, Rx, cost control
10. In First Look at 2017, Large Employer Plan Increases Hold Steady at 5%-6%

Controlling health benefits costs remains a high priority for large employers. While increases are expected to hold steady at 6% in 2017, costs are still running at more than twice the rate of inflation and general wage increases, thereby threatening affordability.

Tags: cost control, health care costs, specialty pharmacy

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