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1. State Exchange Premiums Rising Faster Than Cost of Employer-Sponsored Coverage

With open enrollment in full swing at most companies, your employees may be wondering how your company's health plan compares to those available on the exchange.

Premiums for health plans on the federal exchange will jump an average of 25% for benchmark plans (tied to premium tax credits) next year. This increase is substantially higher than the 2% increases in 2015 and 7% this year.

Tags: ACA, open enrollment, health care costs
2. 8 Clever Ways to Shape Your 2017 Open Enrollment Strategy

Are you tired of the same old open enrollment communication tactics? Not achieving the engagement results that you hope for year after year? It’s time to shake things up a bit and try some of the approaches that your savvy industry peers have been using to boost their employee engagement numbers. Here are 8 clever ways to achieve better engagement results.

Tags: communications, engagement, open enrollment

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