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1. Health Care is Front Page News

Not a day goes by without a major health care related story popping up in news outlets. Pick your topic: price transparency rules, prescription drug costs, patient experience stories… Politicians have also added fuel to the health care cost debate as the 2020 campaign heats up.

But what about the employers?
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2. Looking For Quality in All the Right Places

We often search for things where it’s easiest to look for them instead of where they’re most likely to be. This is widely known as the “streetlight effect” and can be applied to health care and benefit strategy. Employers searching for value find that, while costs are easiest to quantify, true value lies at the intersection of cost, quality and experience. But how can we push towards a more complete interpretation of health care value? Better yet, how can we define health care value to strategically drive lasting change and better experience for employees and their families?

Tags: health care costs, plan design
3. The Future of Delivery Care Reform, According to Large Employers

While growth in accountable care organizations has remained steady, employers are now turning their delivery reform efforts to two specialties: primary care and mental health. Employers are also expanding centers of excellence (COE) networks to address more conditions.

Tags: payment & delivery reform, cost control, health care costs
4. Health Care Costs Continue to Climb at a Predictable but Unsustainable Rate

Although health care costs increased by only 3.6% in 2018, the lowest rise in decades, that trend is not expected to continue, according to the National Business Group on Health’s 2020 Health Care Strategy and Plan Design Survey. Large employers are expecting health care costs to rise 6% in 2020, lowered to 5% after cost management initiatives.

Tags: cost control, health care costs
5. Business Health Agenda Participants Head Home with Renewed Enthusiasm to Embrace Industry Innovation

Health care in the U.S. truly appears to be at a tipping point. We’re in an era of unique opportunity for large employers to lead positive changes as pressure to create a better health care experience at reasonable costs accelerates.

Tags: health care costs, engagement
6. Business Health Agenda 2019 Addresses Health Beyond the Workplace

The action-packed 2nd day of NBGH’s spring conference offered participants opportunities to challenge their current thinking and explore innovative ideas from leading employers and health care experts.

Tags: health care costs, engagement
7. Live from DC: It's Business Health Agenda 2019

This week, approximately 500 health benefits professionals, influencers and thought leaders are convening in Washington, DC to explore the “tipping point” of health care and what it might mean for them.

Tags: health care costs, engagement
8. Publishing Hospital List Prices: A Boon to Price Transparency?

With the new year came a federal mandate for hospitals across the country to release their chargemasters, or price lists, for all services offered at their facilities. What impact will this have on increasing price transparency for the average health care consumer? Will it help or hurt continued price transparency efforts?

Tags: cost control, health care costs
9. The Shifting Landscape of the Hepatitis C Drug Marketplace: Generics on the Horizon

The FDA approval and release of treatments for hepatitis C in late 2013 were a game changer in the treatment of this disease. But the price tags caught self-insured employers off guard. The launch of Sovaldi and other therapies paved the way towards a shorter and simplified means to a cure for these patients. This new class of specialty medications was both extremely promising and extremely expensive: for some, prohibitively so.

Tags: health care costs, cost control
10. Navigating Rising Health Care Costs in the New Year

Health care costs are rising, and the new year will undoubtedly bring new challenges and more transformations. How do employers stay ahead of changes and keep costs low for our employees?

Tags: cost control, health care costs

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