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1. Tax Time is The Perfect Time to Communicate Financial Benefits to Employees

Tax season is here and there’s no better time – or excuse – for your company to communicate with employees about the financial benefits and services available to them. Whether your company offers tax preparation, a generous 401k matching program, a student loan repayment benefit, or workshops on budgeting or financial planning, be sure to discuss the resources you offer, the advantages of engaging with them, as well as where employees can learn more.

Tags: financial security, financial well-being, communications
2. Employers Embrace Financial Well-being Programs

Data show that 76% of companies currently offer programs or benefits to help employees improve their personal finances.1  Employers are taking a greater interest and role in the financial security of their employees for a number of reasons.

Tags: well-being, financial security, financial well-being
3. Seeing the Bigger Picture: Beyond Wellness to Well-being

Leading employers are changing their focus from offering benefits and programs centered on improving employees’ physical health to deploying holistic wellbeing strategies whose purpose is to enhance all the various facets of employees’ lives. This shift is taking place as evidence mounts that physical health is only one of a number of factors contributing to outcomes valued by employers. These include improved health, greater productivity and higher performance, accompanied by decreased health care costs and a lower turnover rate.

Tags: well-being, productivity, performance, physical health, emotional health, financial security, social connectedness, job satisfaction

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