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1. What Can We Do for Caregivers? Alex Drane Tells Us to "Look. Love. Lift."

To all the caregivers out there, thank you. Thank you for what you give every day to care for parents, grandparents, veterans, spouses and children. Thank you for the care you provide to individuals with disabilities, loved ones recovering from surgeries and those living with serious mental health conditions and brain disorders. November is National Family Caregivers Month, and we want you to know, we see you, and we are here for you.

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2. Top Employers Invest in Parental Benefits

The best places to work are making the parenthood journey a joyful one, according to a recent Fortune article featuring Business Group members Comcast and pWc for their innovative approaches to supporting new parents.

According to Bill Strahan, executive vice president of human resources for Comcast Cable, “You don’t have to hide your family here."

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3. The Value of Parental Leave: From Employee Well-Being to Workforce Retention and Beyond

No company today can afford to ignore the business impact of paid parental leave and its role in the competitive benefits landscape.

Currently, the 20 largest U.S. employers invest in paid parental leave and more forward-thinking companies are integrating family-friendly policies into their workforce than ever before.

Why? To attract, retain and engage talent, especially from incoming generations.

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4. We're Experiencing a Caregiver Crunch

Our aging population, increased prevalence of chronic diseases, delayed retirement, higher divorce rates among Baby Boomers, geographically dispersed families and shortage of trained caregivers is causing an unprecedented caregiver crunch.

To help employers understand the caregiving experience and how it affects their employees and their bottom line, the Business Group created a new infographic – The Impact of Caregiving on Work.

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5. Keep New Parents in the Workforce: Best Practices for Managers

Will your top talent return after having a child? According to a survey conducted by Ovia Health featured in our recently released Parent Package, nearly 1 in 3 moms don't return after having children, and of those, 40 percent felt that their large employer could have done things differently to retain them as employees.

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6. Alzheimer's Disease and the Workplace: Prepare for the Future

Earlier this month, Bill Gates reminded us there is hope for an Alzheimer’s breakthrough and announced his $50 million investment in Alzheimer’s R&D.

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7. Forget What You Know about Work & Family

The experience of the American family has changed drastically. Today, there are more dual-earner households, single parents and female breadwinners than ever before. By the same token, demographic shifts and technology breakthroughs have transformed the nature of work. It’s not surprising that work-life struggles are common.

It is, however, time to rethink what we know about work and family. As we recognize National Work and Family Month, let’s reflect on some of today’s work-life secrets and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve.

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8. What Women Want-at Work

In our modern world, flexibility is the freedom to thrive in and out of the office, and it’s what women want. Today’s top talent is attracted to forward-thinking, flexible, and family-friendly workplaces. 

After decades of growth, women’s participation in the U.S. workforce has been declining. In 1990, the United States had the sixth highest female workforce participation rate of 24 OECD economies. By 2014, it dropped to 22nd.1 Research indicates the lack of family-friendly policies accounted for approximately 28% of the relative decline.2

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9. Important Employer Considerations for Therapies and Supports for Autism

The CDC estimates1 that one in 68 children has autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and diagnoses continue to rise. Whether that’s due to increasing prevalence or more accurate diagnosing, large employers must have a strategy for supporting plan members with ASD and the employee caregivers who assist them. 

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