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1. 5 Key Insights from Benefit Leaders

As we do every year, the National Business Group on Health held its Employers' Summit on Health Care Costs and Solutions in January. The summit provides a forum for close to 100 benefits leaders to come together early in the health care planning cycle to reflect on last year’s initiatives, discuss strategy for 2017 and begin to plan for 2018 and beyond. It’s an opportunity to share ideas, to network and learn from peers, and to leverage best practices that employers can implement back in the office. 

Tags: health care costs, engagement, specialty pharmacy, ACA, payment & delivery reform, public policy
2. Six Things to Watch in 2017

President and CEO of National Business Group on Health, Brian Marcotte, has created a list of six things to watch in 2017. It will be a year of uncertainty, opportunity and change. Will ACA be repealed and replaced? Will the move to value-based payments lose momentum? What will be the fate of proposed health plan mergers? Will pharmacy pricing remain in the spotlight?  Will consumer engagement remain a top concern for employers? What about the well-workforce?

Tags: well-being, ACA, payment & delivery reform, mergers, Rx, engagement, consumerism, productivity
3. Moving Ahead on ACA Compliance

Recently, the IRS extended “good faith” transition relief, which protects employers from ACA employer reporting penalties for an additional year, provided they make good faith efforts to comply. We expect that agencies regulating employers and their health plans--DOL, HHS, IRS, and EEOC--will continue to issue guidance on the ACA, tax, and other compliance topics in the coming months.

Tags: policy, ACA
4. What The Trump Election Means for the ACA

Now that Donald Trump has won the presidency with a majority Republican House and Senate, what does the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) look like?  During the campaign, Donald Trump supported Republican Congressional efforts to “repeal and replace” the law with an alternative health care plan. Will he push through with his campaign pledge?

Tags: ACA, policy, employer mandate, tax policy
5. State Exchange Premiums Rising Faster Than Cost of Employer-Sponsored Coverage

With open enrollment in full swing at most companies, your employees may be wondering how your company's health plan compares to those available on the exchange.

Premiums for health plans on the federal exchange will jump an average of 25% for benchmark plans (tied to premium tax credits) next year. This increase is substantially higher than the 2% increases in 2015 and 7% this year.

Tags: ACA, open enrollment, health care costs
6. How Will The Health Care Agenda Change Under a Clinton or Trump Presidency?

While health care is not a top priority on the campaign trail and not top of voters’ minds this year, who wins on November 8 will impact the health care agenda in Washington in 2017. According to analysis presented in the Business Group’s special election year webinar earlier this week, even though Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump don’t offer many details about their health policy priorities, we can glean enough information from them and from Congress to make some predictions.

Tags: ACA, tax policy, employer mandate, policy

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