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Looking For Quality in All the Right Places

We often search for things where it’s easiest to look for them instead of where they’re most likely to be. This is widely known as the “streetlight effect” and can be applied to health care and benefit strategy. Employers searching for value find that, while costs are easiest to quantify, true value lies at the intersection of cost, quality and experience. But how can we push towards a more complete interpretation of health care value? Better yet, how can we define health care value to strategically drive lasting change and better experience for employees and their families?

The 2020 Health Care Strategy and Plan Design Survey results show that employers continue to see themselves as proactive in the way they manage and implement their health care strategy. Those who have taken a more conservative view in the past recognize that they can no longer wait to see and actively engage in driving change. It appears we’re finally beginning to see what happens when we venture beyond the streetlight in search of lasting solutions.

This conversation isn’t new: we’ve seen steady growth in the percentage of employers experimenting with localized strategies such as ACOs or high-performance networks with numbers staying relatively steady for the 2020 plan year. These programs aim to drive employees towards clinicians that practice efficiently and responsibly while also ensuring they have a positive experience receiving that care. Sounds simple, right? The task of identifying what exactly “quality” means for a given employer and their population can be anything but.

In January 2020, the Business Group will bring together leading employers to discuss their approach to this ever-evolving conundrum: how do we define quality and value and center it in our health care strategy? Join us at the Employers’ Summit on Health Care Cost & Solutions from January 23-23, 2020 to benchmark and brainstorm for 2021 and beyond.