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Live from DC: It's Business Health Agenda 2019

This week, approximately 500 health benefits professionals, influencers and thought leaders are convening in Washington, DC to explore the “tipping point” of health care and what it might mean for them.

“Framing bias-choice architecture is important. Losing hurts more than winning feels good” - Dave Rook

As benefits communications become more consumer-focused, is there a place for marketing concepts in employee engagement strategies? Dave Rook, Chief Marketing Officer at JP Griffin Group kicked off our employers-only segment of the conference by sharing ways to influence messaging via aligning HR/benefits marketing efforts with companies’ broader marketing strategies.

Employer-led benchmarking sessions provided a forum for peer-to-peer sharing and learning. Attendees tackled topics ranging from open enrollment, strategies for high touch communications, among others.

“Engagement isn’t just a communication failure. You have to make sure the solutions you’re offering meet people’s needs and that people care about them.” - Scott Turner

The employer-only day wrapped up with a closing panel focusing on success stories from employers who have completely reshaped their benefits communication strategy to meet their business needs. Attendees learned the value of “going to Gemba” in terms of conducting focus groups and truly gaining an understanding for what employees value and want from their health benefits.

Ashley Smith, Health & Life Science Partner at Oliver Wyman launched the full conference with an interactive and thought-provoking opening keynote and share impactful, “no regret” moves employers can make regardless of future economic scenarios.

“We can accelerate the change. Let’s not take 20 years to move to a different health care economic future.” - Ashley Smith

Business Health Agenda 2019 runs through Friday, April 12th. Return to the NBGH blog throughout the week for more updates from DC.