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Large Employers Lead the Way in Supporting Working Parents

Large Employers Lead the Way in Supporting Working Parents

This week marks the 25th anniversary of the Family & Medical Leave Act, a landmark law that has granted many eligible employees unpaid, job-protected leave to care for loved ones. Today, companies are going above and beyond this minimum to create healthy, family-friendly work environments.

Brian Marcotte, NBGH President & CEO, shared in the most recent What Your CEO is Reading, “It’s no secret that large employers are leading the way in supporting working parents.” And with Lowe’s announcement of a new parental leave policy, the 20 largest employers now invest in some form of paid parental leave. While differences exist in duration of leave and percent of wage replacement, a growing number of companies have announced efforts to provide equal access to parental leave—for salaried and hourly employees, moms and dads, and birth, adoptive and foster parents.

The business case for parental leave is strong. Employers benefit from improved talent attraction, retention, performance and morale. And for families, parental leave has positive impacts on vaccination rates, breastfeeding duration, mental health, cohesive family life and financial stability.

Companies are also helping new moms and dads transition by extending flexibilities and generous perks from adoption assistance benefits to on-site care. According to the 2017 NBGH Employer Efforts to Support Working Parent Quick Survey Findings:

  • 87% offer dependent care flexible spending accounts
  • 67% offer flexible work arrangements
  • 58% offer legal services for new parents
  • 53% offer phased return-to-work
  • 41% offer emergency/backup day care assistance
  • 31% offer discounts to a local day care

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