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Keep New Parents in the Workforce: Best Practices for Managers

Will your top talent return after having a child? According to a survey conducted by Ovia Health featured in our recently released Parent Package, nearly 1-in-3 moms don't return after having children, and of those, 40 percent felt that their large employer could have done things differently to retain them as employees. Not only do birth mothers struggle with balancing responsibilities at work and home — returning to the workplace is a common challenge for all new parents.

And, research detailed in a recent study featured by the Harvard Business Review shows that while many employers have robust onboarding programs for new hires, the same attention is not given to programs designed to reintegrate new parents returning to work and support them along their parenthood journey.

Based on these findings and others reported in the Parent Package, employers have a better chance of retaining new parents by bundling and communicating a comprehensive suite of supportive benefits for new parents in three key areas:


  • Healthcare and insurance
  • Leave and flexibilities
  • Work-life and well-being

Managers have a unique responsibility in communicating benefits to working parents and ensuring the experience of transitioning to and from parental leave is smooth for both the new parent and the organization. To do that, the Parent Package recommends several simple and actionable practices for managers, such as:

  • Making arrangements for coverage and communicating plans with the employee, including him/her in decisions whenever possible
  • Asking the employee about contact during parental leave (many find it helpful to be kept aware of workplace changes and invited to social events)
  • Being flexible when reviewing requests and remembering people's feelings and circumstances can and do change once a child arrives

Want to learn more ways managers can support and retain new parents? Download the Parent Package to see discover more best practices you can implement in your workplace.



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