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1. Natural Disaster Response: Stepping Up, Giving Back and Leading Forward

We can’t always predict a natural disaster and the damage it will cause, but we can take steps to be prepared and extend assistance and support to those affected.

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2. Personalizing Communications to Improve Employee Engagement

Today’s consumers have come to expect and demand increased personalization in their shopping experience, leading to greater sales, repeat visits and increased customer loyalty. Employers can take the same approach to using data and technology to personalize health and well-being communications in an effort improve the employee experience and increase engagement.

Employers can leverage the following process to create personalized messages:

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3. Tax Time is The Perfect Time to Communicate Financial Benefits to Employees

Tax season is here and there’s no better time – or excuse – for your company to communicate with employees about the financial benefits and services available to them. Whether your company offers tax preparation, a generous 401k matching program, a student loan repayment benefit, or workshops on budgeting or financial planning, be sure to discuss the resources you offer, the advantages of engaging with them, as well as where employees can learn more.

Tags: financial security, financial well-being, communications
4. What Should Employers Look for In Mobile Health Apps?

The emergence of mobile health apps is giving consumers unprecedented ways of engaging in their health and well-being. More than 165,000 apps are currently available, with the majority focused on diet and fitness. Apps are also incredibly popular; almost 60% of consumers have downloaded at least one health app, and of those, a third use one every day. Employers can positively impact workforce health by recommending safe, effective, secure and user-friendly apps to employees.

Tags: engagement, well-being, communications, consumer decision support, social media
5. Health Communications: Understanding Your Target Audience

Before designing a wellness promotion program, you should have a clear image of your target group. Who is the intended audience of the specific initiatives you’re planning on implementing? This will help you and the program developers feel connected to your audience as real people, not just as a group of employees with given demographic characteristics.

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6. Reframing Palliative Care to Supportive Care

Palliative care is more than just care delivered in a hospice or used at the end-of-life to relieve pain and symptoms before death. Palliative care should be offered alongside “curative” treatment for several chronic and life-threatening illnesses.

Tags: palliative care, supportive care, communications
7. 8 Clever Ways to Shape Your 2017 Open Enrollment Strategy

Are you tired of the same old open enrollment communication tactics? Not achieving the engagement results that you hope for year after year? It’s time to shake things up a bit and try some of the approaches that your savvy industry peers have been using to boost their employee engagement numbers. Here are 8 clever ways to achieve better engagement results.

Tags: communications, engagement, open enrollment
8. 8 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement in Health Care Consumerism

As more companies move to a consumerism strategy, increasing employee engagement on all fronts—from decision support and concierge services to telehealth, transparency and health improvement—is a top priority. Employers are introducing innovative new benefits, programs and technologies in an effort to engage employees to be better health care consumers.

Tags: engagement, consumerism, plan design, communications

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