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Achieving Optimal Well-being by Reducing Disparities and Promoting Health Equity During National Minority Health Month

On this last day of National Minority Health Month, let us continue to live our commitment to eliminate disparities and to advance health equity.  Health Equity exists when all people — regardless of race, gender, socio-economic status, geographic location or other societal constructs — have the same access and resources to achieve optimal health and well-being. Social, economic and environmental factors are strong contributors to health inequities. Employers can make a difference through intentional design of programs and policies to support health and well-being across diverse populations in the workplace, as well as through partnerships in community to impact areas where people live, work and play. 

What Employers Can Do

BUILD THE BUSINESS CASE and secure senior management buy-in and support for reducing disparities and advancing health equity. Incorporate this priority into the corporate health and well-being strategy as well as diversity and inclusion policies.

COLLECT AND USE DATA to develop strategies addressing differential access, utilization and outcomes of behavioral health interventions among diverse employees, working with health data partners to identify gaps and create solutions.

DEVELOP COMMUNICATIONS that are personalized and culturally and linguistically appropriate, taking into consideration diverse cultural health beliefs and practices and preferred languages. Engage employee affinity groups to gain cultural insights and help these groups communicate with specific populations.

DEVELOP POLICIES AND ENVIRONMENTAL MODIFICATIONS that reduce barriers to access and support health and well-being across diverse populations.

COLLABORATE WITH COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS, providers, health systems and public health agencies to understand the broader needs of the surrounding community. Corporate social responsibility, also known as corporate citizenship, can be a valuable partner in these endeavors to achieve health equity.

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