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Happy Feelings in the Air, Happy Feelings Everywhere...Boosting Employee Morale and Employer Value

What motivates and pushes us to excel?  Some might say it’s inner drive, personal passion or the desire to help others. We know it’s also the enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from a job well done – especially when recognized.  

Internal recognition promotes job satisfaction, boosts morale and infuses happiness …while external recognition enhances the employee value proposition.

Recognition is essential to keeping employees and teams engaged, which means identifying opportunities to award and celebrate success is good business practice. Don’t forget that the leaders and teams who develop and execute company-wide health and well-being strategy and programs benefit from recognition too!

The National Business Group on Health created the Best Employers awards 15 years ago to honor companies committed to a culture of well-being that encourages employees to be their best at work, home and in the community.

The Best Employers: Excellence in Health & Well-being awards embrace a range of whole person strategies to support well-being, reflecting our understanding of the variability in employer strategies to solve for employee well-being. We see differences by industry sector, type and location of employees and leadership priorities. Regardless of size and profitability, employers make decisions that best fit their situation and needs, and these choices telegraph their unique culture and brand. “The world labor market is tight,” explains LuAnn Heinen, Vice President at NBGH. “Developing a program that reveals who the company is and what it stands for has turned out to be an effective way to recruit the best talent.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your commitment internally -- and increase visibility to external audiences!

Applications for 2019 Best Employers: Excellence in Health & Well-being are due no later than May 10th.