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"From Bad to Badass": A Striking Kick-off to Workforce Strategy 2019

Workforce Strategy 2019’s first keynote—Kyra Bobinet—left the audience with a memorable message on moving From Bad to Badass.

Kyra Bobinat

“The hero of the story is the science. I used science to make my case, to change the world…Follow the science, and it shall set your badass free!”

She went forward to describe the science behind why five commonly held beliefs related to health and behavioral science just aren’t true. Those five myths are:

  1. Behavior can be changed by goals and tracking;
  2. Financial incentives lead to intrinsic motivation;
  3. Offering robust programs and challenges equals personalization; 
  4. Reminders drive engagement and adherence; and;
  5. New habits take 21 days to form.

The momentum will continue this afternoon with scalable stress and resiliency solutions from global expert Dr. Amit Sood and a strong line-up of employer-led breakout panels on parental leave, well-being champions, the built environment, café culture and more.

Then tonight, we transition to celebrating together at the Best Employers: Excellence in Health & Well-being award ceremony. This year’s elite group of winners have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to improving the quality of life for their employees. Congratulations to our 2019 Best Employers, and thank you for your dedication to employees, their families and our communities!

A list of all winners will be available to view here later this week.

Workforce Strategy 2019 runs through Thursday, September 19th. Return to the Business Group blog throughout the week for more updates from San Diego.