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Flashback: Insights from Your Favorite Sessions at Workforce Strategy

A favorite speaker from Workforce Strategy 2018 was Alex Edmans, Professor of Finance at London Business School. He taught us the ‘100 Best Companies to Work for in America’ outperformed their peers by 2.3%-3.8% per year from 1984-2011 (89%-184% cumulative). This striking evidence demonstrates that investing in the employee experience is a smart business decision.

Dr. Edmans was one of many experts who shared bold ideas and need-to-know data with our community at Workforce Strategy. Here’s a look at other insights from last year’s top-rated sessions. 

  • Think global and go local by tailoring your corporate well-being strategy to the unique regions where your employees live, work and play. When taking your efforts abroad, partnerships with local organizations are often the key to success.
  • Change what you call programs to boost engagement. Rebrand your EAP with a new name or reframe a financial well-being benefit by using language that’s consistent with the words your employees use on websites and communication campaigns to reap huge rewards.
  • Elevate the discussion about mental health with all employees through onboarding activities and manager trainings, and at the same time, build mental health components into initiatives that are not labeled as mental health, such as sleep programs and resilience trainings. Diversifying your strategy is a must for large employers.
  • Encourage leaders to build trust and normalize the conversation about emotional health within the workplace. Encourage senior leaders and managers to talk about their own well-being journey. Organizations with a caring environment have higher levels of engagement, collaboration and productivity, and lower levels of exhaustion and absenteeism.
  • Get ready for the future of work. Three predictions from Keynote speaker Don Abraham: 1) The time-and-space structure of the workday will undergo a transformation as work life balance become work life blend; 2) Diversity, of multiple forms, will increase in the workforce; and 3) Employers will need to develop an attractive employer brand.

Want to see for yourself? Watch the video below for a recap of Workforce Strategy 2018’s main stage presenters.



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