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Do We Need an On-Site Clinic in Timbuktu?

Global On-site Clinics

There are many considerations when making a decision to open an occupational or medical on-site health clinic in a particular country. There are regulatory, external and internal issues to consider, and questions and answers will differ by company and by location.

For example, you may want to open a clinic where you have a critical mass of employees who are generally open to employer-sponsored programs, but face substantial difficulties in accessing health services. If, however, the services you are interested in providing are heavily regulated or outlawed in a given location and you have no evidence of employee demand for such a clinic, you may want to concentrate your efforts in a different way.

Questions to consider when planning a global on-site clinic:

  • What are you required to do to follow local or national regulations?
  • Which vendors are available to help you set up your clinic?
  • Are there enough qualified medical personnel in the location to staff a clinic?
  • Will employees use the clinic? How accepting is your workforce when it comes to employer-sponsored health care or programs?
  • How can you integrate your health, wellness and/or safety strategy into a clinic?
  • What goals and objectives are best served by an on-site clinic versus another solution?

The considerations outlined above are only the beginning. Human resources, benefits and occupational health personnel should also consult their in-country staff along with procurement, legal, health and safety, finance, facilities and other departments to determine the feasibility of a clinic before moving forward.

For more considerations, Global Business Group on HealthSM members can access the Global On-Site Clinics Toolkit.