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Discover the Benefits Employees Value Most at Workforce Strategy 2018

Mental health, work-life integration and the obesity epidemic — these are just a few of the topics most relevant to today’s workforce that will be covered at Workforce Strategy 2018, September 25–27, in Atlanta, Georgia.  

Together, more than 500 large employers, thought leaders and global experts will explore new strategies and innovations intended to improve the future of work, life and health.

This year’s agenda will take a deeper look into timely topics that matter to the well-being of your employees and the success of your company.

Fighting the Mental Health Stigma at Work

When employees feel their best, they do their best work. Featured mental health sessions at Workforce Strategy will cover initiatives to break down stigmas and promote a culture of mental and emotional well-being and support.  Top employers and HR executives will lead sessions, including:

  • The Future of Mental Health at Work: High Tech & High Touch Solutions
  • Reaching Across the Aisle to Build Resilient People and Agile Teams
  • Ending the Mental Health Stigma for a Global Workforce
  • Live Your Best Life: Aetna’s Emotional Health Strategy

New Solutions in Parental & Caregiver Benefits

NBGH’s recently released Parent Package places a focus on the need for large employers to offer more supportive work environments for the parents they employ. Featured sessions will explore initiatives that attract and retain top talent while giving companies a competitive edge by ensuring the best experiences for working moms, dads and caregivers:

  • Parental & Caregiver Leave: A Compelling Business Case Starts with a Strategic Approach
  • Taking Care of Caregivers: Forward-thinking Companies Focus on Work and Family
  • The Work-Family Transformation: Integrating Benefits to Win Talent

Obesity’s Impact on Workplace Engagement

The obesity epidemic goes beyond impacting medical costs and employee productivity. Learn from sessions highlighting consumer insights and behavioral and clinical research findings that uncover opportunities to reduce obesity and its harms through tested weight management solutions. Sessions will include:

  • New Rules Apply: How Popular Culture, Implicit Bias and Scientific Evidence are Shaping the Weight of the Nation
  • What’s Working Now? Scaling Successes in Weight Management

Make Your Plans

What else will you learn at Workforce Strategy 2018? Explore the full agenda for more thought-provoking sessions and interactive workshops that are most relevant to your company’s current challenges and needs.

Make your plans to discover solutions that are advancing the work environments of Fortune 500 companies and get inside perspectives into the latest technologies and innovations by registering today!