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Business Health Agenda Participants Head Home with Renewed Enthusiasm to Embrace Industry Innovation

Health care in the U.S. truly appears to be at a tipping point. We’re in an era of unique opportunity for large employers to lead positive changes as pressure to create a better health care experience at reasonable costs accelerates.

During the Policy Update, experts with diverse backgrounds offered their thoughts on what needs to change in the way we manage and deliver health care to make the system sustainable. What’s working now and what strategies or models can we lean more into?

"If something can't go on forever, it will stop." Ed Haislmaier

Stephen Klasko of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health closed the conference and urged the audience to embrace unlikely partnerships in order to break down the siloes and segmentation that defines our current health care system.

"Health care needs to move from B2B to B2C with patients as the boss." - Stephen Klasko

Business Health Agenda 2019 brought together a community of thought leaders and HR professionals with a passion for optimizing and engaging members in improved and higher-quality health care.

Mark your calendars for access to health care experts, experienced practitioners, and leading employers at next year’s Business Health Agenda conference in Washington, DC from March 25-27, 2020.