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BHA's DC Insider: HHS Secretary Azar speaks on Washington's Health Care Priorities

Are we at the tipping point? Given the imperative for health care transformation and policies that go beyond coverage reshuffling and cost shifting, challenging the fundamental issues in health care and making it more affordable for all, will the industry transform itself? Will government play a leading role and cut through bureaucratic and political obstacles to real health reform? We’ve seen signs of the government taking a more active role in challenging the status quo and tackling the waste and cost pressures in the health care system; from addressing Medicare and other federal program policies that affect prescription drug prices, driving payment and delivery transformation in medical care, to improving transparency and access to quality care. But there’s still a long road ahead. Statements from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), such as this one that aired on CNBC, place a national spotlight on these issues and have begun to spur action from health care stakeholders:

Attendees at Business Health Agenda 2019 will have the unique opportunity to hear directly from Secretary Alex Azar of the Department of Health and Human Services in a keynote address. A central figure in a key role to influence U.S. health care policy, Secretary Azar has been outspoken in communicating the administration’s current health care priorities as well as how they might align with those of employers, and he draws upon a wealth of private sector experience.

In this age of constant health care change, Business Health Agenda will feature Secretary Azar and other influential industry leaders who will help employers optimize their health strategies and adjust to new emerging realities.