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8 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement in Health Care Consumerism

As more companies move to a consumerism strategy, increasing employee engagement on all fronts—from decision support and concierge services to telehealth, transparency and health improvement—is a top priority. 

To improve engagement, many employers are introducing innovative new benefits, programs and technologies that aim to move employees from being passive recipients of care to becoming active ones, willing to take more responsibility for managing their health and related costs. More than 35% of employers ranked helping employees to make better health care decisions as their top focus related to behavior change in 2017.1 

However, many employers find it extremely difficult to change their employees’ health care consumerism habits. Sixty-three percent cited the lack of employee engagement as the biggest obstacle in doing so.

Best-in-class employers report eight key tactics for driving employee engagement through cutting-edge plan design strategies and emerging practices in benefit communications. These promising approaches are based on case studies from employer leaders and their vendor partners.


Key Tactics to Improve Employee Engagement

1.    Help employees make informed health care decisions through new technologies.
2.    Steer employees to high-performance networks and Centers of Excellence.
3.    Connect engagement to business results.
4.    Connect through mobile apps and text messaging.
5.    Interact via social media and online communities.
6.    Make benefits fun with interactive games and videos.
7.    Remember offline communications in a plugged-in world.
8.    Rely on influencers to motivate employees to take action.

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