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7 Ways Employers Can Encourage Healthy Eating in the Workplace

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March is National Nutrition Month

Workplace nutrition programs play an integral role in supporting employee health. Since full-time working adults spend about 50% of their waking hours at work, employees are likely to eat at least one meal and a snack per day in the workplace. Employers should evaluate their current dining, catering and vending offerings using assessment tools or audits on healthy food offerings and sales. Employers can also implement corporate health policies to decrease costs and create environments that support healthy behaviors. Employers should reduce exposure to unhealthy foods that may contribute to weight gain and consider multi-component strategies that address nutrition, physical activity and behavioral changes.

Here are seven actionable ways organizations can encourage employees to make smarter food choices and support a healthy eating:

  1. Consider the Container: Promote Appropriate Portions to Help Prevent Overeating
  2. Provide Cues to Encourage the Selection of Nutritious Foods
  3. Create a Healthy Checkout to Prevent Impulse Purchases
  4. Make Nutritious Food the Financially Savvy Choice
  5. Offer Healthy Cooking Classes or Demonstrations
  6. Provide Access to Farm-Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
  7. Integrate Healthy Dining Initiatives with Well-being Programs

Members can access the complete Healthy Dining at Work Toolkit, which contains café, vending and catering assessments and read how award winning companies are implementing  healthy dining/eating practices in the Seven Ways to Refresh Your Healthy Dining Program brief.