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6 Insights from Workforce Strategy 2018: The Future of Work, Life & Health

At Workforce Strategy 2018, global experts revealed mind-stretching ideas and real-world solutions to elevate the dialogue on employee well-being and prepare large employers for changing workforce dynamics.

Explore the secrets to success shared in Workforce Strategy 2018: Insights Worth Implementing.

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Here’s a preview of what you’ll find:

Pursue the Profit Potential of Well-being

Savvy business leaders who take well-being seriously are rewarded with profits and performance. Keynote speaker Dr. Alex Edmans from the London Business School and other expert presenters provided actionable tips to make well-being a business imperative by growing the pie, changing the well-being paradigm with data and practicing purposeful business.

Take a New Look at Old Problems

Employers and employees have spent decades trying to get a handle on chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes and musculoskeletal disorders. It’s time to explore new approaches. From gamifying health improvement with new-to-market digital solutions to assessing and addressing weight bias, thought leaders and employers at Workforce Strategy shared how they’re changing the narrative and having a meaningful impact.

Keep the Human in Human Resources

Technology is transforming how we work and live, but it will never change what makes us human. How can employers preserve the humanity of their workplace culture? Keynote speaker Tim State of Humana gave Workforce Strategy attendees sound advice: Instill expectations that leaders show empathy, leverage stories and tap into the power of peers.

Think Like an Employee: Family First

For many employees, family is the most important aspect of their life. And oftentimes, the health and well-being of their loved ones are more important than their own. Leading employers provided an inside look at how they’ve created inclusive, family-friendly benefits and gained a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining top talent, advancing gender equality, managing health care costs and boosting performance.

Accelerate the Shift to Holistic Well-being through Social, Financial and Mental Health

Workforce Strategy attendees were introduced to new research and novel strategies that are revolutionizing workplace well-being. A major paradigm shift is taking place, with employers making mental health a priority, facilitating socialization and addressing social determinants of health by meeting the basic needs of lower wage workers.

Design with the Future in Mind

Keynote speaker Don Abraham urged employers to think about the future to gain a competitive advantage. The expanding potential of engagement platforms and increasingly diverse workforce are two of the major trends predicted to transform the way employers design and deploy health and well-being strategies.

Even more insights and employer experiences are captured in Workforce Strategy 2018: Insight Worth Implementing.

Workforce Strategy is a must-attend conference for HR and well-being professionals. Mark your calendars to join us September 17-19, 2019 in San Diego.

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