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2018 in Review: Global Areas of Focus and Contributions

The Global Business Group on Health (GBGH) and its members have had a great year. Here is a snapshot of our organization's highlights:

What have been the top interests of GBGH members in 2018?

  • Mental Health access and stigma reduction continue to be key areas employers are looking for creative solutions globally. 2018 featured mental health as a consistent feature for GBGH publications, Forum agenda sessions and benchmarking calls. For 2019, GBGH will be partnering with other organizations to move the conversation forward in response to members asking that we strive to impact change in the marketplace.
  • Members are eager to find Innovative Technology and Virtual Care, including Global Well-being Platforms, that they can launch globally. GBGH will continue to search for innovative global solutions to present to the membership as they become available.
  • Optimizing the Global Broker partnership continues to be an area that is raised by the majority of members and was the catalyst for the global broker product series year which will continue into 2019.

Member Requests

What are your peers most concerned with? Below is a reflection of the 92 member requests GBGH received by topic category:

Top Document Downloads

Top 10 Countdown! Below are the 10 most downloaded GBGH deliverables for 2018:

If you are not already a member, join our 78 other member companies to convene, benchmark and collaborate on global health, benefit and well-being topics. We would love to have your company join us and shape our 2019 priorities and publications! At GBGH, we are here to be an extension of your team! Reach out to the Global team by submitting our Contact Us form.

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