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10 Things to Think About When Developing a Wellness Champion Network

Wellness Champions


Large employers are increasingly utilizing networks of volunteer employees as an extension of their wellness staff, commonly called “wellness champions”. Their role is to help drive employee participation and engagement in wellness activities at the local level. 77% of large employers have been found to have some type of wellness champion network.While the size of champion networks varies greatly, 56% of employers have at least 50 wellness champions in their network.

As your company may be building a wellness champion network, or looking to improve your current one, there are many ways to set up the infrastructure of the network. While developing a group of volunteers willing to be champions of the well-being team can be difficult in itself, setting up a system that utilizes your champions in the most effective and efficient way is another challenge all together. This blog provides some questions you may not have considered when thinking about a setting up a wellness champion network.


10 things to think about when developing a Wellness Champion network

  1. How will your wellness champion network design reflect your company structure? Will a champion manage one location, one business unit, a region or a certain number of employees?
  2. How will you identify employees to become wellness champions that will be effective promoters of well-being and emulate the culture of your company? Will you elicit manager nominations, post job descriptions or something else?
  3. What will champions be responsible for within your company? How will you define the roles and responsibilities expected of them?
  4. How will you develop and impart training materials to onboard champions and deliver new competencies?
  5. What methods will you use to share information about new wellness programs, tools and resources with your champions to ensure effective promotion?
  6. Can you create communication channels to allow for champions to share successes, ask questions and get/ share feedback?
  7. Will you offer funding for programs and activities lead by Wellness Champions? How will it be managed?
  8. How will you level set with managers to balance the responsibilities for their job and wellness champion work?
  9. In what ways will you recognize wellness champions’ efforts?
  10. How will you evaluate the effectiveness of your champions?


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